Welcome to Bharti Global Foundation

Please notice that we have shifted our national & international affairs including Global e- Innovation Awards to our new web portal. MUGU International Foundation, For Awards 2017 Please visit : : www.mifindia.com

Foundation is organizing various programmes for the upliftment of deprived section of the society.


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                                            Welcome to Bharti Global Foundation

                  Bharti Global Foundation is the leading organisation in India and is working at national and international level since 2001. It is renowned organisation across the globe. We are providing various plateform for the welfare of humanity. We are working in various fields since the last 15 successful years of our services for the society.

                  We are working in several areas. Major of them are - Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests,  Human Rights awareness , Legal Awareness  Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Art & Culture, Water Resources, Dalit Upliftment, , Girl Child Education, Women Awareness ans Upliftment, IT/ICT, Digital Education, Literature, Journalism and Environmental & Cleanliness Awareness.

                 We are aware with the fact that education is the main weapon to fight the various socio-economic evils and limitations presently prevailing in our society. So we are recognising. motivating and inspiring the masses with our various schemes in a systematic manner.

                 We are giving several scholarships and awards to the school and college students who are performing meritoriously in different sphere of learning. We are also motivating teachers to keep their moral and respect high in the society. As, it is the teacher who is the real architect of our society and of any nation. He is the backbone of all other systems. Future of the coming generations & the fate of the whole world lies in his hand. Thats why, we are recognising and motivating teachers/educators as our most prime objective. 

                 Once the spirit of a teacher is high, our society will automatically become enriched with various moral and socio-cultural values. So we are providing them various national and global plateforms so that their work can be recognised by rest of the world. And they can act as a vehicle of change in the society.

                 Foundation is giving various awards/honours to outstanding schools, teachers/educators and students at state level, national level and international level.