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Please notice that we have shifted our national & international affairs including Global e- Innovation Awards to our new web portal. MUGU International Foundation, For Awards 2017 Please visit : : www.mifindia.com

Foundation is organizing various programmes for the upliftment of deprived section of the society.

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                                 BHARTI GLOBAL FOUNDATION is the central executive body under the Basu Memorial  Award Shiksha Sanskriti and Kalla Vikas Samiti, Himachal Pradesh. The foundation is registered under the societies registration act 1860 since 2001.

 Objectives :

     1. To encourage and motivate the childrens/students in the field of education, sports, arts, literature and cultural activities for

          their all round performance/development in National building.

     2. To inculcate the feelings and develop the attitude  towards National unity & integrity, Social welfare, and scientific approach.

     3.  To aware about the social evils and their eradication measures in the society.

     4.  To develop caring and sympathetical attitude towards the living world (Plants, Animals)

     5.  To promote human values and work for humanity.

     6.  To help the most deprived section of the society and bring them into the main stream  of national development.

Schlorships/ Social-Work 

    1. Foundation is awarding schlorship/year to outstanding studnents atschool level since 2001.

    2. We are awarding schlorships/year to meritorious studnents at college level since 2001.

    3.  We have contributed in improving the rooms/ toilets/ water facilities / conditions in many schools since 2001.

    4.  Awarness of different Mahila Manadal about dowry pratha, female foeticide girl education, awareness related to

         environment & cleanliness..

    5.  Awareness amoung people realated to  "Digital India" movement of Govt. of India at grassroot level in villages.

    5.  Weare promoting plantation work at various level in society.

    5.  We are helping the people with poor economical background in the society .

Special Awards to Distinguish Personalities of Society in 2011 :

                       On the occasion of completing ten year of success in the service of nation. Foundation has awarded the brilliant brains & talent  in the society in 2011 as a special categories of award for those who have contributed and served the nation in an  outstanding way. These awards were given in the field of Education, Innovative work, Media, Literature, Sports, All around achievement.

Awards to Students : 

        These are given to those student who are topper in studies, sports, cultural activities, and all around development.